Underground railroad writing activity for kids

It was against the law to help escaped slaves and, in many southern states, conductors could be put to death by hanging. Is Walter free in Ohio. How would you know if it was safe to walk up to a house and ask for help.

There are estimates that say overslaves escaped over the history of the railroad, including 30, that escaped during the peak years before the Civil War. A Lesson on Underground Railroad Quilts written by: The abolitionist movement started with the Quakers in the 17th century who felt that slavery was un-Christian.

Describe the differences between the economies of the North and the South. What challenges do you still face as an African American. Do you think fugitives felt welcome in northern cities.

What challenges do you still face as an African American. Which region had more railroads and factories. Tell the Story As a culminating project, have students write personal narratives as if they are ex-slaves who escaped on the Underground Railroad.

Various symbols could be placed on one quilt. Ask students to imagine themselves in one of these situations in You may want to give students a Printable U. Once heard, these names could tell a story or communicate a vital piece of information simply by looking at the patterns or stitches.

But you know the repercussions of the Fugitive Slave Law of What would happen to those helping runaway slaves. Have them to describe the abolitionist's work and influence in the interview. Write a journal entry describing their experience. Which southern states had the highest slave population.

Why do you think Harriet Tubman continues to be such an American hero today. South In this activity, students will explore maps to identify important differences between the North and South before the Civil War.

Why was it so dangerous for slaves to escape. Click the audio button to listen along. The quilt would be hung so that only certain symbols would be shown. Various symbols could be placed on one quilt. The state of Pennsylvania was the first state to abolish slavery in Who was John Rankin and why was he famous?.

Using the Online Activity in Your Classroom. Here are suggestions for how to use the various resources with your students.

Five Free Underground Railroad Resources

1. Fact or Fiction. Read aloud the following statements about the Underground Railroad.

American Civil War

Share the secret code of the Underground Railroad with your students. In this activity, children match the Underground Railroad terms with their meanings.

This is an excellent resource for teaching students about slavery and black history. Jan 22,  · The Underground Railroad helped thousands of enslaved Americans find freedom. In this worksheet, your student will learn about this historic network.

Deciphering Underground Railroad Quilts: A Lesson Plan

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Read the information below, then perform the included activity with your students to increase understanding of the underground railroad. Before we can explore exact methods of the underground railroad, we must first understand the basic methods of communication among slaves.

Kids learn about the Underground Railroad. A way for slaves to escape from the South and into free northern states and Canada. Interesting Facts about the Underground Railroad. Slave owners really wanted Harriet Tubman, a famous conductor for the railroad, arrested.

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Underground railroad writing activity for kids
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Deciphering Underground Railroad Quilts: A Lesson Plan