Abstract and introduction for hostel management

Nigeria as a third world country needs to produce its own software so that it will help The reports shall be created from tables.

The system help reduce the congestion of guests ensuring best service output for customer satisfaction purposes. Ibrahim from BUK said "very nice". This information keeps track of the duration that the guest has stayed at the hotel.

Dr doctor 52 ABC Relatively low running costs as the system requires no electricity, internet services as the computerized system would. Item Estimated costs kshs System development Hardware installation System software 9 ABC Licenses Training Total costs The estimated profits and benefits are as follows: This includes accounts, guest orders and payment details.

The data is typically o The accounts department generates the bills on daily basis and delivered to the guests in their rooms at dusk by the service maids. The system was carefully designed to ensure maximum efficiency of the system at the hotel.

As he concludes, he is grateful that the system will be able to serve its intended purpose and meet its objectives to the satisfaction of the hotel management, the staff and guests.

Finding difficulty with codes. On checking in the guest is given the key to his allocated room, he also specify if he needs room service. Item Previous monthly Proposed monthly Amount cut expenditure expenditure down monthly Paper work Salaries Guest complaints Grand total The following shows the monthly net profits of the current manual and proposed computerized system: In addition the hotel should have a web site onto which the booking page will be loaded to enable online booking over the internet.

The update queries update all the calculated records into the tables. The system helps the admin to: Hence, there is lot strains on the hostel management due to the manual processes presently in used. The system was skillfully and carefully coded to seal any possible loopholes in the system.

Help the admin to disseminate information to students without calling for a meeting or moving room b room. Allot different students to their different hostels.

Abstract and introduction for Hostel Management system database

Identification of the problems of the existing hostel management leads to the development of computerized solution that will be compatible to the existing hostel management with the solution which is more users friendly and more GUI oriented.

The team found out that the hotel indeed was in a dire need for automation of its activities to realize its maximum potential. The following macros have been used: Mary Gathoni computer programmer-Kenyatta University Miss. “HOSTEL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM” targeted for the College Hostel integrates the transaction management of the Hostel for better control and timely response.

Hostel Management Information System. ABSTRACT Introduction to Synchronization. uploaded by. Naftal Massingue. sapnote_ uploaded by.5/5(2). The project Hostel Management System is a system for managing the various activities in the hostel.

It can manage the hostel information. It manages the student information, room information, room allocation details, fee details, mess bill details and employee details of the hostel.

It is also used to generate reports of student details, fee details and mess bill details of. Bibliographies Appendices Data gathering tools Forms screen shots Reports screen shots Booking web page screenshot Macros shots INTRODUCTION ABC HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM was developed following system development stages for smooth running and management of ABC hotel.

Abstract On Online Hostel Management System. BY: Vasu Varnit Shah Prakhar Chandra Adhore Gupta Anant Amin Rollno Rollno Student Hostel Management System is useful to perform the complete Hostel Management functionalities of any of the faculty of the university.5/5(1).

Introduction of Hostel Management System

Hostel life is a very memorable period in one's life, but due to lack of knowledge or a casual attitude or irresponsible behaviour, you may have problems of adjustment to the hostel environment, which can affect your studies and career.

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Abstract and introduction for hostel management
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